Fighting NEW WORLD DEV'S in the Arena! + Q&A with New World Developers

On Thursday, May 12th, Me, Danneh and Redbyrd got a chance to hop into the arena with some of the developer's of New World! Check out the timestamps down below for specific sections, and make sure to leave your feedback/check out the New World PTR if you'd like to test the arena's yourself!

New World forums:

00:00 Intro
02:12 Game 01
09:10 How to Help New World Devs
12:05 Game 02
17:34 New PVP Quest
20:17 Game 03
30:04 Other PVP Gamemodes + Greatsword Teaser
31:54 Game 04 (Pro Musket Gameplay)
44:37 Developer Q&A

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